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About SM Kayda

With our dedication to supporting our clients' success, our firm's dispute resolution practice has earned consistent recognition for handling complex cases.

We have handled various litigation matters such as civil, criminal and corporate cases. We have also drafted various deeds and documents, arbitration agreements, and expertise in due diligence for various national, and private banks, NBFC and Co-operative banks.

We have drafted various deeds and documents and done legal compliance for various relators, companies, MNCs and startups. We also specialise in Copyright, Trademark registration which also includes Brand protection in Copyright and Trademark violation. We have appeared also in arbitration proceedings and have acted as a mediator for various private, banks, NBFCs, and many more.

Meet Our Founder

Advocate Siddhasen Shivaji Yadav

He has completed his master’s from Mumbai University in Corporate Law. He is a senior legal consultant at Griffin. He is also a chief police trainer for the IPR police awareness program conducted by Apple. He has assisted various legalities concerning conducting raids with various counterfeit products of various agencies like Apple, Wentin Digital, Jhonson and Jhonson etc.

People's View

"One thing that truly stood out to me about this individual was their unwavering commitment to helping me save on legal fees. At every step of the process, they provided invaluable guidance that enabled me to make informed decisions that were both cost-effective and beneficial to my case. I am thoroughly impressed by this firm."
Arvind Singh
"SM Kayda is an outstanding legal professional firm whose expertise are an inspiration to many. Their remarkable ability to generate innovative and imaginative solutions that not only fulfill but surpass expectations is truly commendable. Their profound knowledge and strong work ethic are truly remarkable, making them an invaluable asset to the legal field. I highly recommend SM Kayda."
Sudesh Pathak
"I have seen many lawyers in the life, many of whom prioritize their financial gain above all else. However, SM Kayda stands out as a rare exception and an exceptional legal professional. During my most challenging time, I was fortunate to find him. I am deeply grateful and highly recommend him to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation."
Snaha Bargale