Siddhasen Shivaji Yadav

Advocate Siddhasen Shivaji Yadav

He has completed his master’s from Mumbai University in Corporate Law. He is a senior legal consultant at Griffin. He is also a chief police trainer for the IPR police awareness program conducted by Apple. He has assisted various legalities concerning conducting raids with various counterfeit products of various agencies like Apple, Wentin Digital, Jhonson and Jhonson etc.

Furthermore, he has represented various MNCs, their power of attorney holders, and their employees in various courts of India including High Courts. He has appeared in various bail matters, appellate matters, and civil and criminal trials in various courts. He has also worked with various banks as a legal consultant and has drafted various deeds, due diligence, arbitration proceedings and in various bank matters, partnership deeds, registration and IPR registration. He has also worked as a legal consultant for various start-ups. He has also appeared as a mediator in various commercial disputes. He also has a teaching experience of 2 years in HR College of Commerce.


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